Tit Torture For Christine Carter

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Christine Carter is handed over to Penny Flame for one of her most painful scenes. She is tied in a corner wearing a ballgag before Penny smacks her pussy. She slaps her tits before biting her nipples then using a violet want to shock her nipples. She moves lower to shock her pussy before moving the wand back to her tits while using an hitachi on her clit.

Christine is then tied on her back with her legs spread and in the air. EMS pads shock her tits as Penny Flame tickles her all over. A fucking machine dildo is inserted in her pussy and fucks her as the pads fry her tits. An hitachi is held on her clit and a zapper on her feet until she is on the edge of orgasm and kept there.

Christine is then put on a Sybian in stocks and made to sit there with it ripping orgasms from her while pegs on her nipples cause her pain. She wears a dildo gag and fucks Penny while being zapped with a cattle prod if she doesn’t work hard enough until Penny has had enough. You can see Penny suffer pain and pleasure at WiredPussy.

Princess Donna Gives Pain And Pleasure

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Nicotine is a mental patient who seems to be getting worse. In his last visit she has told her husband she is being used and abused by the staff which gets taken as signs of delusion. He even has her convinced of it but as soon as he leaves Princess Donna strips off and starts in on Nicotine. Donna puts on gloves then starts fingering her pussy before turning Nicotine on her side to spank her ass. She inserts an electric buttplug then while that is shocking her ass she uses a violet wand on her pussy.

The buttplug is removed so Donna can use the wand to shock her ass while and Hitachi on her clit makes her moan before Donna whips her tits. The buttplug is replaced and Nicotine is vibrated and fingered to the edge of orgasm before being tied down with her ass in the air. She has an electric dildo inserted in her pussy to match the buttplug and both are set on high before Donna uses clamps on her pussy and whips her ass. A zapper is used and she has her ass spanked before the dildo and buttplug are removed so Donna can fuck her with a Samurai.

Nicotine is tied face up with legs in the air with EMS pads on her tits and a suction tube used on her clit. She is strapon fucked with a huge dildo and an Hitachi on her clit as Donna raises the current on the pads. A dental gag is used to keep her quiet as she is forced through orgasm after orgasm until Donna is totally satisfied. You can see Princess Donna show Nicotine some strict bondage at WiredPussy.

Iona Grace Gets Lesbian Torture For Xmas

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When Iona Grace gets dumped for Christmas she thinks about what would cheer her up. She falls asleep dreaming of how she would like to be dominated and wakes up tied naked under the tree with Gia DiMarco standing over. Iona is dragged from under the tree and made to lick ass before being tied to a chair.

Once there Gia DiMarco starts off by zapping her tits then moves on to whipping her tits. She ties her tits to the chair before fingering her pussy then using a Samurai to fuck her while using an Hitachi on her clit. Nipple clamps are added then she is vibrated to painful orgasms.

She is then tied standing and spreadeagled with an electric buttplug shocking her ass as Gia DiMarco whips her ass. She then grabs her from behind and pulls Iona Grace tits around under her armpits by her nipples. EMS pads are placed on her and she is vibrated to orgasm before being bent over and strapon fucked with a huge dildo. You can see Gia DiMarco use lesbian torture on Iona Grace as a Christmas present at WiredPussy.

Iona Grace Gets Pussy Shocked

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Ariel X gets handed Iona Grace to do with as she pleases. Stripped and sat tied in a corner Iona gets her pussy whipped before She whips her huge tits. Nipple clamps are fitted before a cattle prod is used before Iona is fingered and vibrated to orgasm,

She is then tied to a table with metal rings around her huge tits shocking her. Electric clamps are used on her nipples shocking her huge tits while Ariel canes her tits. She is fingered to the edge of orgasm before being moved and tied bending over with her hands between her legs.

Ariel whips her ass with full strokes before using a cattle prod to shock her pussy. She has an electic butt plug inserted before being double penetrated with an electric strapon. Ariel uses a vibrator on herself then till she cums on her face. You can see Iona take pussy torture at WiredPussy.

Princess Donna Gives Sloane Soleil a Wired Pussy

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Princess Donna is probably the most well known dom around and is most well known for how nasty she can be. This is why you have to feel sorry for Sloane being paired with Princess Donna in her first ever Wired Pussy scene. Sloane is tied up with an hood on then ass whipped cruelly by Princess Donna who then uses a vibrator to get an orgasm from her.

Electric clamps on her nipples shock her as she comes then an ass hook is inserted which is wired up shocking her ass. Next Princess Donna adds an electric clip to her clit piercing shocking her clit. She is tied bent over with a gag in to cut the screams down then is fucked from behind with a stick dildo.

A violet wand is then stuck on the piercing and in her pussy shocking her more before she is put in predicament bondage. Her tits are tied and she is fucked with a Samurai as the vibrator on her clit brings more painful orgasms. You can see Princess Donna Giving Sloane Soleil a shock at Wired Pussy.

Phoenix Askani Has Electric Sex Torture

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Lily LaBeau was offered the chance to change places and play a dom for once and she jumped at it. You could see she couldn’t wait to make someone suffer more than she had and when they gave her Phoenix Askani who is well known for a high pain threshold she couldn’t wait to get started.

Phoenix was stripped and made to roll in the mud before being tied to a block of wood and blindfolded. Lily wasted no time using a tazer all over her body and a cattle prod on her tits. She is tied with her legs spread and forced to suck a massive dildo on a stick before being fucked with it while EMS pads on her pussy bring screams from her.

She is whipped and made to lick pussy before being fucked by a samurai. She is made to hold a vibrator on her own pussy through orgasm after orgasm until Lily has managed to get enough orgasms from her own vibrator. You can see this electric sex torture at WiredPussy featuring Lily LaBeau in her first dom scene.

Lily LaBeau Gets Her Pussy Fried

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Lily LaBeau laughed when they told her she would be doing a WiredPussy scene. She knows she is tough and knew she could handle anyone they sent her too, even Princess Donna. Donna isn’t known for being easy though and starts off tying Lily standing with her clothes on and wearing a ballgag.

She spanks her ass red before fingering her pussy to orgasm. She strips her clothes off then zaps her tits before bringing out a cattle prod. She ties her tits and puts a vibrator on her clit as she spanks her ass then holds a tazer to her pussy for a few seconds. After Lily has screamed hard enough from having her pussy fried she is put into suspension bondage.

Next she is tied sitting up with a rope around her neck and a bowling ball on the end. She applies EMS pads and shocks her then hangs her from her arms while she strapon fucks her. She strapon fucks her in many positions until Lily is drained. You can see Lily getting her pussy fried at WiredPussy.

Princess Donna Gives Pussy Torture

Amanda Blow given to Donna for pussy pain

MILF Amanda is handed over to Princess Donna for this scene and is soon wishing for someone who doesn’t go so hard. She is bent over Donna’ knee and her skirt lifted for an ass spanking that leaves her screaming. She is then bent over and her knickers removed for the pussy torture to start with a metal electric dildo going into her pussy.

The voltage is turned up full as she is fucked by dildo before being tied to a wall and made to wear a ballgag. Nipple clamps are placed on a a pad behind her back so if she backs away she is shocked. The pussy torture then goes to a pussy whipping. She has her tits whipped before electric nipple clamps are placed on her tits.

She is tied with one leg in the air and a violet wand used all over her including her pussy before she is strapon fucked. Donna goes back to pussy torture one last time by slapping her pussy till it’s red. The electric dildo is reinserted and Amanda is made to lick pussy, the punishment for not doing a good job is more electricity. You can see Amanda’ pussy torture at Wired Pussy.

Kimberly Kills Treats Student To Shemale Fuck

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When Tori Luxe applied for a job at the hospital she was interviewed by Lorelei Lee. After telling Lorelei how desperate she was for the job Lorelei told her she wanted to know how badly she wanted it and came up with a way of finding out. She started off using a zapper to shock Tori into opening her legs then stripped her off.

She used EMS pads on her tits and pussy then fingered her to orgasm. She bent her over a desk and tied her in some good lesbian bondage before whipping her ass. She inserted two metal rods, one in her pussy the other in her ass to get her used to it then exchanged the rod for a speculum. She opened it wide then slapped her tits as she was made to suck a strapon.

Lorelei Strapon fucked her while using a vibrator before zapping her tits to make her lick her pussy. She fisted her pussy while she was in lesbian bondage and tied to the bed helpless. Tori was made to lick her ass to finish her off before being released. She was told if she could do that every day she had the job. A great bdsm torture scene from WiredPussy.

Maid Lizzy Rose In Lesbian Bondage

Watch Lizzy in pain and pleasure

When Princess Donna and Dana Dearmond sack their usual maid for calling in sick yet again they get a replacement. Of course the new girl has to learn how things are done and they are happy to show her what they expect, mainly using pain and pleasure as they put her in lesbian bondage.

They strip her off and fit her with a gag that has a cleaning brush attached and as she cleans the house they play with her tits. She is bent over and has EMS pads on her ass and they use a zapper to shock her pussy. She is fingered to orgasm then is led down to have her pussy whipped. She has pegs put on her tits and removed before being turned over to have her ass spanked.

She is made to suck nipples then lick ass before sucking a strapon. She is strapon fucked while having her nipples zapped by a violet wand. She is then double teamed with strapons before having more orgasms in lesbian bondage until the pain and pleasure just becomes pain. You can see Lizzy take her training at WiredPussy.