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Seda has tried just about every kink site around except wired pussy because she’s scared of electricity. Once they found this out they just had to have her and hand her over to Lorelei. Ems pads are applied and she’s made to lick pussy before being put in strict bondage on all fours. Ems pads on her ass are used for electricity while a fucking machine with a huge dildo on the end is used to give her intense orgasms. She is then turned over to get her pussy fingered while Lorelei shocks her pussy with a violet wand on her clit. Lorelei fists her pussy with a gloved hand while using the vibrator on her clit bringing her to more painful orgasms but Seda just wanted more and more. See Seda get hooked on electric play at WiredPussy.

AnnaBelle Lee Gets A Cattle Prod In Both Holes

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You know that if someone keeps asking to work with Donna that they really do want to push it to the limit. Annabelle had been asking for months and they finally gave in. Donna used a vibrator on Annabelle who was in tight bondage to get her wet before bending her over on all fours and using a cattle prod on her. The forks of the prod were shoved inside her, one in her ass, the other in her pussy and Donna pushed the switch. She may have screamed and cried but she stayed still and had no end of painful orgasms. As a reward Donna then shoved a hook up her ass and inserted an electric dildo in her pussy, slapped her tits then tied her bending over. She applied nipple clamps then used a Samurai, first giving her pussy a shock then ass fucking her with it. Wiredpussy has this and many other lesbian bdsm scenes.

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Katie has the most massive tits that are begging to be used so when Isis gets her to play her she wastes no time. She starts off by stripping her down and shoving a violet wand inside her, shocking her pussy to orgasm. She ties her tits so tight they turn purple then uses ems pads on her ass before using a vibrator on her pussy for another intense orgasm. She gets her tits zapped with a cattle prod and had an Hitachi used on her before being bent over. She has electric clothespins on her nipples, sending shocks through her tits while Isis Strapon fucks her. Watch this and many other bdsm torture scenes at Wiredpussy.

Pussy Torture Lesson For Casey Calvert


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Professor Aiden Starr has had enough of Casey Calvert giving her lip so keeping her back after class one day to discuss she loses it when Casey chats back at her. Deciding to teach her a lesson she grabs her, strips her off and led on her back ties her hands to her heels. In this position Aiden is able to do anything she wants to her including shocking her pussy.

She starts off holding an Hitachi to her clit to get her wet knowing the shocks will hurt more. She licks her pussy to get her wetter but gets excited so sits on Caseys face to get her pussy licked. Aiden fucks her pussy with a samurai then moves on to fuck her ass with it.

An high powered electric dildo is used to shock her pussy making her scream. After that it’s inserted all the way in to shock her pussy from the inside as Aiden strapon ass fucks her. By the end of her lesson Casey is begging for Aiden to stop but Aiden makes her suffer for a while longer. You can watch Aiden Starr ass fuck Casey at Electro Sluts.

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Sarah Shevon goes to see her Doctor about anxiety problems and makes the mistake of saying she is willing to try anything. Her doctor Bobbi Starr calls her assistant Kristina Rose in who comes in with shackles and ties Sarah to the bed. She cuts holes in her top to reveal her nipples, fits a ballgag and EMS pads up and down her body.

Kristina licks her pussy while Bobbi puts nipple clamps on her and jerks them while she uses a remote to shock Kristinas pussy with the metal dildo she inserted. Sarah is made to fuck Kristina with her dildo gag while her pussy is zapped then Sarah is made to lie on her back with her legs in the air and an electric butt plug shocking her ass as Bobbi raises the current.

An Hitachi on her clit makes her have a painful orgasm then Kristina joins her. Side by side with an electric buttplug, EMS pads on their tits, nipples clamps and an Hitachi on their clits they are made to go through one brutal orgasm after another to see who can last the longest. You can watch this lesbian bondage at WiredPussy.

The BDSM Torture Of Cherry Torn

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When TSA agent Cherry Torn goes a bit rough in her search of Rain DeGrey she gets more than she bargained for. Rain grabs her and ties her hands behind her back before bending her over the desk for an ass spanking. She fingers her pussy and ass before using electric clamps on her pussy lips and zapping her ass.

Her pussy lips are pulled apart before she is tied spreadeagled upright with EMS pads shocking her to make her dance. She is made to fuck Rain using a dildo gag while having her ass zapped then being tied sat down with her legs spread so Rain can slap her pussy. Electric clamps are used to shock her tits as Rain strapon fucks her.

She turns the current up making her scream then ties her bent over to have her ass spanked as she is fucked with a Samurai. While that is shocking her pussy she has her ass zapped and fingered before being vibrated and fingered to orgasm. You can see Cherry suffer lesbian bondage at WiredPussy.

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Adrianna Nicole wakes up in a mental hospital with no idea how she got there. She is dragged in Doctor Amber Raynes office where Amber considers amnesia a poor excuse and decides to test out if she is faking it or not. Hands tied behind her she can do nothing as Amber rips off her clothes.

She spreads Adriannas legs and slaps her inner thighs. Thats nothing compared to the pain she feels after that though as an electric buttplug is inserted and the voltage increased as Amber uses a zapper on her pussy. She is fingered and vibrated to orgasm then tied on all fours for EMS pads to be attached to her ass.

Her ass is spanked and slapped then a giant buttplug used to shock her ass. She is double penetrated with a stick dildo before being moved and having her pussy shocked through pussy clamps and her tied tits whipped. Nipple clamps with a chain and a samurai are also used on her. You can see Adrianna Nicole suffer lesbian bondage at WiredPussy.

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Roxanne Hall is handed over to Lorelei Lee in a steel cage with her legs tied through the bars at the top leaving her ass and pussy open and pressed to the side of the cage. She has her ass fingered then an electric buttplug inserted. With her ass being shocked an Hitachi is held on her clit.

She is released from the cage only to be tied lying on her back, legs in the air with EMS pads shocking her ass. Electric nipple clamps shock her tits while Lorelei fists her ass. She is then tied bent over and made to lick ass before having her ass fucked with a Samurai.

She has her tits zapped with a zapper and her pussy shocked while a zipper is attached. She is also ass fucked with a dildo on a stick before having her pussy zapped. She is left hoisted in suspended bondage with one leg bent inwards. You can see Roxanne Hall having her ass fisted at WiredPussy.

Mae Meyers Pussy Shocked To Orgasm

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Mae is sleeping lovely, having nice dreams when she is woken by Isis Love slapping her bare belly. The sheets are removed to show she is tied spreadeagled in just her undies and Isis playing with a vicious looking toy. Mae makes the mistake of asking what it is so Isis shows her, pulling her bra off and placing it on her nipples shocking her tits.

Her panties are removed before she gets her tits whippe then her nipples zapped. Mae is already screaming before Isis zaps her pussy. She is tied crouched down then with electrodes on her pussy and her tied tits being whipped. The current is increased making her scream before the electrodes are removed and a wand used on her.

She is tied on all fours with EMS pads on her ass and is fucked with a samurai before Isis whips her ass. Her feet are caned then she is samurai fucked to orgasm while the wand it held on her clit. A violet wand is used on her tits then she is fucked with the violet wand. Straon fucking is next as her tits are zapped till she cums again. You can see Mae suffer bdsm torture at WiredPussy.

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Isis Love is handed an amateur, Sofia Lauryn to put through her paces. She is tied up and left in her underwear to have her tits slapped hard and her pussy whipped. Her bra is cut off and she is lifted off her feet by her knickers in a painful wedgie. A violet wand is used on her nipples making her scream, the scream getting louder as the wand was pressed against her clit.

She is bound arched backwards over a barrel and has her tits caned and an electric dildo inserted in her pussy. She is already screaming before Isis starts slapping her clit then puts EMS pads on her tits. An Hitachi brings a load of forced orgasms from her before she is released to be tied on all fours.

She is strapon fucked from behind while being shocked with a tazer. She is fucked with a Samurai while having her feet tickledĀ  then being tied on her back. Electric nipple clamps are used as well as a cattle prod. An Hitachi is tied to her clit as she is whipped and slapped then fingered to forced orgasms. You can see Sofia suffer pussy torture at WiredPussy.