Skylar Price Has Her Pussy Shocked In Lesbian Bondage

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Skylar Price is scared of electricity so Donna puts her head in a box and strips her so she won’t see it coming. She spanks her ass before she shocks her ass with a tazer. She is then put on all fours and dildo fucked  with a stick dildo in her pussy and vibrator on her clit. If she moves electric straps zap her so she has to stay still as orgasm after painful orgasm are ripped from her. Her legs are tied in the air and she is double penetrated with an electric dildo in her ass and pussy. She is then fingered as her ass is shocked then made to lick pussy with the threat of a cattle prod if she stops. A great scene from WiredPussy.

Cassandra Nix Gets Her Pussy Shocked

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Cassandra Nix wants to get into a club but the bouncers Bobbi Starr and Dana DeArmond tells her she isn’t pretty enough. When Cassandra offers to do anything they take her at her word and drag her into the toilets where they want to find out how far she will go. They start off kissing her before bringing out some painful toys. Her tongue is zapped followed by her tits.

They use a zapper on her pussy before inserting an electric dildo. Cassandra has her pussy fried while they use the zappers on her then tie her to the urinal. Her tits and clamped and shocked while a violet wand zaps her clit as she has an orgasm. She is made to lick ass then orgasm using an Hitachi before being tied on all fours with zappers used on her tits.

EMS pads shock her ass as she is strapon fucked with an acrylic dildo shocking the inside of her pussy. She then had her pussy fisted while an Hitachi was held on her clit until she had another painful orgasm. You can see Cassandra Nix being pussy fisted at WiredPussy.

Payton Bell In Strict Bondage For Bdsm Torture

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Payton Bell is turned into a fuck toy by Isis, tied up in tight bondage, written on with lipstick and zapped with electricity. She has her pussy shocked with a violet wand then fucked with a Samurai as her vibrator is used on her clit. She is strapon fucked before an electric dildo in her ass shocks her to orgasm. She has her ass whipped and zapped with a cattle prod before being put into a metal cage, being shocked as a vibrator brings more painful orgasms from her. Go to WiredPussy to see more women having pain and pleasure.

Jessie Palmer Has Her Pussy Shocked And Tits Slapped

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Jessie Palmer is kept in a closet till Princess Donna wants to use her. She lets her out and drags her by her hair before spanking her ass. An electric dildo is inserted and she has her ass zapped. She is made to come, the electricity so high you can see her muscles contract and as she comes her tits are slapped. She has her ass whipped then put in stocks there’s some more tit whipping. EMS pads on her ass keep her moving as a Samurai is inserted into her pussy along with a vibrator to make her come again. Nipple clamps are used as her feet are caned and she is fingered to a final painful orgasm. See more pain and pleasure at WiredPussy.

Kelly Divine Has Her Huge Tits Milked

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Kelly Divine has a lovely ass and big lactating tits so when Isis was told to do a scene with her she knew just what to aim for. Ems pads are fitted on Kellys ass before nipple clamps are used on Kellys huge tits. These clamps are wired up and as Isis milks her the milk drips down the wires. Kelly is put into tight bondage in different positions, on all fours first so the cattle prod can be shoved up her ass before she is strapon ass fucked. A Samurai is also shoved in her ass, all the way sending shocks through it as she has another painful orgasm. This lesbian bdsm scene can be found at Wiredpussy.

Rain Degrey Has Her Nipples And Pussy Wired

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Rain is tied down lying on her back at the start of this scene with Aiden using a vibrator on her. Rain has nipple clamps put on her tits that have a wire running to a remote control in Aidens hand sending shocks to her nipples. The same goes further down, pussy clamps are used to give her a wired pussy along with an ems pad just above her clit while Aiden uses the vibrator. Rain is sitting on a Sybian having orgasm after intense orgasm when Aiden brings out the cattle prod and when Rain is having trouble answering her from the amount of painful orgasms she’s having Aiden gets pissed off. Promising her 50 touches of the prod they move on to other lesbian bdsm. A dildo in her ass attached to a fucking machine with the vibrator still being used brings about more orgasms before Aiden has her lick her ass. After this she has Rain use a dildo gag on her till she comes all over her face. Watch this scene at Wiredpussy.

Nicki Blue In Lesbian Bondage Torture

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Nicki Blue starts this scene tied standing and spreadeagled with Rain Degrey as her torturer. Rain starts off easy by squeezing her nipples and whipping her legs but it soon changes as she cut her knickers off so she can spank her pussy till it’s red.

She makes her squirm next with a zapper. After spanking her ass she uses a vibrator to get an orgasm from her before putting her in suspension bondage. SHe is fingered and has her ass licked before being whipped and EMS pads put on her ass. Her ass is fingered then she is stood up to have her tits tied.

She is made to suck a strapon before a vibrator gets another orgasm from her then a violet wand is used on her pussy. She is made to lick pussy before having a samurai inserted in her ass for a few more orgasms. You can cath Rain Degrey giving Nicki Blue some pain and pleasure at WiredPussy.

Jessie Cox Shocking Pussy Torture

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When Jessie Cox asks trainer Lorelei Lee to help her lose some weight she didn’t know what lengths she would go to. Showing no motivation at all really wound up Lorelei who thinks it’s time Jessie was taught a lesson. Jessie is tied to a weights bench and zapped before having her pussy fucked with a Samurai shocking her pussy while an acrylic buttplug shocks her ass.

She is hung by her arms stretching her body as EMS pads shock her before Lorelei starts fingering her pussy. She is mde to have one orgasm after the other before being tied on all fours to have her ass zapped with a violet wand and a zapper. She then has her tits shocked as a zapper is held on one nipple and the violet wand on the other.

Her pussy is zapped with both before the violet wand is held on her ass. Jessie is made to ride a strapon then while the violet wand zaps her pussy and Lorelei slaps her tits. Whenever she slows down her clit is shocked until she moves fast enough to orgasm. You can see Jessie Cox made to train using pain and pleasure at WiredPussy.

Jade Indicas Lesbian Bondage Torture For Partying Too Late

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When Jade comes in too late from a party Donna calls her over and bends her over her knee. Lifting her skirt she spanks her ass before slipping three fingers in her ass. She inserts a large electric butt plug and knocks the electricity up so high you can hear Jade screaming though an electric orgasm. Jade is hogtied in tight bondage leaving her exposed to getting her pussy zapped before getting pussy whipped. She gets a Samurai used on her, sending shocks up her pussy before Donna gives her a hard strapon fuck to more screaming orgasms. WiredPussy has this and many more lesbian bdsm scenes or you can pay for the scenes you want at Kink On Demand.

Two Dommes, Three Pain Sluts

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Sandra Domain owns a bunch of slaves on her farm and when her friend Princess Donna comes to visit she wants to impress her by showing how much pain her slaves can take. She leads Donna out to see three of her slaves already naked and on their knees waiting to be punished. Lea Lexis, Jenna Lovely and Claudia Jamsson know they’re in trouble when Sandra produces 2 zappers.

Armed with one each the girls are forced back and fore being zapped on pussy and ass. They finger pussy and use Hitachis on them one at a time then cover them in dirt before spanking pussy. Made to lick Sandras finger clean she spreads her legs ready to be fingered. Tied spreadeagled standing up and wearing a ballgag she is shocked with EMS pads as Donna uses an Hitachi on her clit.

Tied lying down next and wearing a strapon and dildo gag both dommes ride her while playing with each others nipples. Outside she is forced to lick pussy while Donna spanks her ass and pussy before taking some nipple torture for not licking properly. You can see Donna and Sandra giving tit torture at WiredPussy.