Breanne Benson Gets Lesbian Bondage Torture

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Breanne Benson had just had a fight with her boyfriend and started bending her bartenders ear. Unfortunately that bartender was Lorelei who offers Breanne a chance to forget about her boyfriend. Within seconds Breanne is tied, gagged and stripped with Lorelei biting her nipples then slapping her tits.

EMS pads are placed on her pussy and tits and she takes pussy shocks while Lorelei fingers her to orgasm. She is then led on hte bar with her one leg tied in the air and has her pussy zapped before 2 pinwheels are run over her body. She is vibrated and has her pussy fingered to within seconds of an orgasm then made to stop for orgasm denial.

She is made to lick ass and pussy with the threat of a cattle prod before having an electric dildo pushed in her ass. She is made to lick pussy again then zapped with a cattle prod and zapper. More electrodes are used on her shocking her while a stick dildo is rammed in her pussy. With that and the vibrator she finally has her orgasm. You can see Breanne Benson suffer pain and pleasure at WiredPussy.

Chloe Camilla In Strict Bondage

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Chloe is slacking off at cheerleader practice and Madeline has already spoken to her about it but with little effect. After one very bad performance from her Madeline has had enough and catches her alone in the locker room. After a bit of backchat she pushes Chloe against a locker and rips her clothes off.

Chloe has her hands tied behind her back and Madeline rams a Samurai in her pussy as deep as it would go then bends her over. She is fingered then the Samurai used again. Chloe is led on her back on a bench with her hands and legs cuffed together in the air so Madeline can cane her ass.

An electric buttplug is used as Madeline licks her pussy to get her wet then uses a violet wand to fuck her pussy. EMS pads are used then she has her ass spanked with paddles before being made to lick pussy till Madeline comes. She has her tits tied and is strapon fucked with an electric dildo to orgasm. You can see Chloe suffer lesbian bondage at WiredPussy.

Asphyxia Noir Rides Violet Wand

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Asphyxia Noir starts this scene tied down spreadeagled with no way to move so Isis Love can pretty much do what she wants to her. She starts by squeezing and pulling her pussy. The whip is out quickly to whip her pussy before she uses a violet wand on her clit.

Not content with just that she starts to fuck her pussy with the violet wand before using it on her pierced nipples. Asphyxia is then placed in a metal cage which is in a doggy style position so any movement brings a shock. She is whipped hard before being fucked with a samurai sending shocks to her pussy.

She is tied down on a Sybian which brings a load of orgasms as EMS pads shock her and Isis canes her tits. A cattle prod is used to make her suck nipples before she is strapon fucked by Isis as she zaps her with 2 zappers. An electric dildo is put in her pussy as she is vibrated to more orgasms before being strapon fucked again. You can see Asphyxia Noirtake pain and pleasure from Isis Love at WiredPussy.

Brave Addison Heart Gets Bdsm Torture

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Isis likes her submissive women to be brave and take what they get but Addison is different, she is still smiling and Isis doesn’t like that. Addison is tied with her legs wide and electric nipple clamps on while Isis whips her pussy. Even when at 100% on the clamps she is still smiling so Isis gets harder.

A zapper is used on her tits and the electric clamps moved to her pussy lips and when the electricity is still bearable she uses a vibrator to make her wetter. The clamps are ripped off as she whips her tits. She has her tits tied and her ass whipped while in suspended bondage then is made to suck a dildo.

An electric butt plug is inserted and EMS Pads put on her ass then she is Strapon fucked before being locked in a cage. Isis zaps her with a cattle prod and drips hot wax on her then sits on top of the cage and uses a vibrator on herself will she squirts come onto Addison. You can watch Addison suffer tit torture at WiredPussy.

New Girl Capri Anderson Bound And Tortured

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Capri gets handed over to Donna for her first ever lesbian bdsm session. She is stripped and tied naked with a ballgag before it hits her that she is totally helpless. An electric dildo is inserted and Capri arches backwards as her pussy is shocked hard. Donna also uses a vibrator and Capri has a squirting orgasm which leaves the electricity feel even higher. A big dildo attached to a fucking machine fucks her pussy hard bringing more orgasms and tied in tight bondage like she is there is no escape or break from the constant fucking. By the end of this she is sweating hard, either from pain or pleasure but the best is yet to come. Watch the fear in her eyes as Donna brings out the cattle prod at Wiredpussy.

Belle Noir Giving In To Electrosex


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This is Belle Noirs first electrosex experience so they paired her up with Lorelei Lee who just loves seeing women take this type of pain for the first time. She knows they’ll have only guessed at what it will feel like and knows it is usually 10 times as painful as they expect.

A ring gag is fitted to Belles mouth as Lorelei puts a electro dildo strapon on. She starts slowly fucking her mouth with it but soon increases the voltage. Once the dildo is wet enough she bends Belle onto all fours to fuck her from behind. The more Belle orgasms the wetter she is the more the dildo shocks her pussy.

She’s flipped onto her back and an Hitachi added to her clit as Lorelei continues to fuck her through orgasm after orgasm. Lorelei adds to the pain by slapping her tits before telling Belle to hold the dildo in her mouth for as long as possible as she raises the voltage. You can see Belle taking painful orgasms at ElectroSluts.

Katie Summers Suffers Bdsm Pain For Cash

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Katie Summers need some extra money if she wants to keep attending college so a friend of hers put her onto an easy way to make money and have fun at the same time. She goes to Isis for what she thought would be easy money but Isis doesn’t do easy. She stripped off Katie and told her the more pain she could take the more money she’d make. Tied to a fence Isis attaches nipples clamps with electric cables zapping her tits while she uses a vibrator to bring Katie to orgasm. Katie is then put in an electric steel cage and made to such a huge dildo before being pussy fucked with it. She has her pussy shocked with a cattle prod, pussy fucked with a samurai and has an electric butt plug inserted in her ass. Donna adds a zipper to her legs before fucking her with an electric strapon dildo till she screams for mercy. Wired pussy has this scene and many more lesbian bdsm torture scenes.

Darling Hoisted By Her Tits

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Darling asked to be taken to the limit so Princess Donna Dolore starts off tying her huge tits then slapping her tits till they turn red. She is hoisted up by her tits then EMS pads are used to shock her tits till she screams. The voltage is turned up slowly making her scream louder before she has a vibrator put on her pussy to calm her down.

Metal contacts are placed on her swollen tits and taped there as she has her ass spanked. Next she is tied lying on her stomach just above metal contacts the shock her tits each time she lowers her body. To help with this Donna shocks her pussy with a zapper. She is fucked with a stick dildo while an Hitachi on her clit brings her to orgasm making her move and shock her own tits.

Darling is put on all fours with an asshook pushing her forward as Donna spanks her ass. An electric dildo is inserted in her pussy and electrodes below her tits as she has her ass whipped making her jump forward and shock her tits some more. She has her nipples flicked, gets fucked by a Samurai and has her clit flicked till she is totally drained. You can see Darling have her tits tied tight enough to turn purple at WiredPussy.

Aiden Starr Gives Electro Torture

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Aiden Starr is a successful pimp and is always looking to help out her girls but when she finds out Ariel X is holding back the fees she owes her she loses it. She knows the only way to teach her is to give her a lesson she won’t forget. She calls her into the office, ties her spreadeagled to a chair and uses a cattleprod on her.

Electric nipple clamps and an electric butterfly are attached to her and turned up high making her squirm before she is released from the chair to be tied to a pillar and an electric bullet put into her ass. Her ass is shocked then an electric dildo in her pussy adds to the pain while Aiden canes her tits.

Next she is tied to a bed bedning over with EMS pads shocking her body while she is fucked with an acrylic strapon shocking her pussy. She is made to have orgasm after orgasm while the electricity is turned up to full. At the end she claimed the smallest toy, the electirc buttplug was the most painful. You can see Ariel suffer lesbian bondage at WiredPussy.

Dia Zerva Suffers Tit Torture And Orgasm Denial

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Dia Zerva gets some real bdsm torture when paired up with Donna in this lesbian bondage scene from Wired Pussy. She is stripped and has Ems pads placed on her before getting her ass spanked. She is tied up in strict bondage and made to lie on the floor face up for Donna to walk on with her high heels. She stands on Dia with a foot on each tit and her heels on her nipples before bending her over to ass fuck her with a Samurai. Dia is led down with her hands in stocks, nipples tied with cord which stretches them high over a hook and Donna using a vibrator on her pussy bringing her to the edge of a painful orgasm before stopping. An electric butt plug is inserted and shocks her ass while she fingers Donna through the stocks before Donna sits on her face and makes her lick pussy so Donna drips cum all over her face. For the rest of this scene which includes a straight-jacket, weighted nipples clamps, ballgags and a cattle prod click on WiredPussy.